Happy Tree Friends Games

If you are old enough, you must remember that strange and extremely bloody flash cartoon that once appeared on the web. It was called Happy Tree Friends, a series of animations where cute-looking bunnies, squirrels, deer, beavers and other animals got into horrible situations that became worse throughout an episode. The episodes depicted pain and suffering of the animals in a very sadistic manner, which contrasted with the way everything was drawn. The overall style of the cartoon was childish and adorable, while the bloody adventures of the characters pushed the limits of any evil fantasy. However, this was exactly the reason why the cartoon became so viral, because when you watch it developing a crazy scene that becomes more and more horrible, you just cannot stop. There is no way these cuties can avoid horrible death!

Happy Tree Friends – Idol Moments
Happy Tree Friends – Its a Snap
Happy Tree Friends – Spare Me
Happy Tree Friends – Watch a Sunrise
Happy Tree Friends – Happy Trails
Happy Tree Friends – Happy Trails 2
Happy Tree Friends – Chip of the Block

Naturally, such a popular franchise turned to the series of games with time. We have gathered the most interesting of them for you on this website, so you can enjoy a whole range of them for free on a single platform! So, each title presents a new horrible adventure of one (or a couple) of the Happy Tree Friends. At the beginning of a new day some innocent victim seems to be stable and calm. But the surprises that Cuddles, Russel, Sniffles, Lumpy and other animals will face very soon will occur unavoidably. They are up to break rapidly into this calm and roam atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest. And this won’t be very childish. They will practice various entertaining activities that won’t bring them any fun, just pain and horror. There will be a minefield instead of a dance floor, a shark snout behind a flimsy raft among huge ocean waves, a bottomless abyss under a thin string connecting two steep shores, millions of whistling bullets, dark caves and high fences. And this is just a small part of everything that can unexpectedly turn all their plans to catastrophe. Some of them will and lose their limbs, but the others will lose heads.

If you have strong nerves, lightning-fast reactions, understand black humor and are adult enough for these games, then you can start playing bloody thrillers with pretty inhabitants of the terrible forest immediately. You will hang out with a cute elephant in glasses, a hedgehog that seems to suffer from his friends’ jokes more than any other character, a deer who seems a bit bizarre, a yellow rabbit, who seems to be the most cheerful creature in the world, a squirrel that cannot imagine his life without sweets and candies, and a foxy, who like to cook delicious food. There are more adorable characters to check out in these series. Some games will encourage you to protect the animals from death and pain, the others will let you see how they suffer. So feel the slight touch of terror and dramatic events that small cuties will have to encounter! Happy playing!