Hidden Object Games

There is a special subgenre of horror titles – hidden objects. These are the titles where you have to find things that are not lying on the surface. As a rule, these are not just regular things, but very special ones – those that have sense and stories behind. The objects serve as piece of a whole story and once you find them all, you will learn it. This is a very exciting entertainment, since you have to move through a certain plot gradually, uncovering it by parts, one after another, slowly but confidently.

Titan Cameraman
Dim Light
Dead Eyes
Gmod Hello Neighbor
Mystic Sunset Forest
Scarlett Mysteries
Halloween Hidden Pumpkin
Two Nights at Jumpscare Creation
Residence of Evil

In such games you learn how objects can be actual storytellers, which a very interesting narrative method. You don’t learn the story directly, but through things that are somehow related to it. For example, some vase may tell you a part of someone’s life and when you find something else – let’s say, an envelope or a jewelry – you may realize that things are much deeper than you thought. It’s incredible how this genre works – somehow, you understand the story behind people’s life and learn about their past, just reviewing things that are connected to them. This sounds very mysterious and intriguing, however, things become even more twisted when hidden objects are the elements of a horror game! In such titles, you may find yourself in an old house, where someone used to live and chances are that he has so many secrets, so you are the one to find them. Also, you can appear in a haunted building, where ghosts of the past are flying here and there, and your mission is to find the reasons why they are so anxious. The plots may vary, but the main feature they all traditionally share is a mystery.

Find the objects and try not get scared too much

As a horror fan, you must be a real expert in this genre. Most titles with scary plots try to thrill you with horrifying monsters and jumscares, while the other are for real appreciators. These are twisted and complicated stories, full of scary elements and unusual plot moves. This is especially true for hidden objects type – you are wandering in some space, gathering pieces of a story, building the whole picture inside of your head, adding more and more details to it, until it comes to life. This is an entertainment for real investigators and adventurers that usually can boast of having a smart plot and incredible atmosphere. The elements of horror add something really special to such titles. You are already thrilled by the fact that there are so many mysteries to find, but this is not all – frightening and unexpected elements are waiting for you on every step! We hope that you will like our amazing collection of such titles, because we have gathered it with great attention and love to horror games! Make sure that you visit this page regularly, because we always have something new for you. We are going to add new hidden objects titles to this section and you should track them! This way, you will never miss the best and the most interesting new titles that are launched!