2 Player Games

There is only one thing, which is better than playing a great horror title – playing it with your buddy! Just turn the light of and get ready to scream. Gladly, when you have your friend by your side, who is scared no less than you are, you can always give him a good hug at a critical moment. Indeed, playing together can make horrors funnier than comedies, especially when you see how hard your partner is shivering.

Tug of War Zombie
Raging Punch 3D
Night Light
Shadow Fencer Theatre
Maze Tower
Vampire’s Lore 2
Girl Vampire Dressup

And the jumpscares accompanied by high and loud screams are always priceless. This is why, if you are a horror lover, you should invite your friends and play these amazing titles together. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed! When playing together, you make the process either scarier or relaxed and funny, everything will depend on your mood and your buddy’s sense of humor. Just don’t do those dirty tricks with sudden movements and noises at the most critical moments! Or you can, just don’t overdo.

What titles do we have here?

We have literally everything. If you want to fight zombies back-to-back with your pall, you can check one of the titles about the undead. They are going to attack you all the time, their amount will become larger and larger, but when you have your friend by your side, he can cover your back. Together, you can deal with a monster-attack of any kind. If you are willing to try a space expedition, where something unexpected and mysterious is waiting for you, you can try horrors about aliens. In most cases, such titles tell stories not only about a concrete character, but about the humanity and its limits. Also, you can try any of survival titles and make some really good shots into the enemies’ heads. Haunted houses are also waiting for you to come and investigate their mysteries, revealing the scary secrets one by one. Smart and well-designed indie-titles are at your disposal as well: check if your nerves are strong enough to handle a plot created by independent game developers – they have something really crazy to share with you.

An extensive list of amazing titles is available for free

We have amazing news for you and your fellows, who also like horror titles – this platform is a real treasure for those, who like to be scared and thrilled. We know how popular and beloved this genre is, therefore we are glad to present a great deal of them to you. Good news – all of them are free and can be played online, right from your computer or mobile device. You just enter the website, choose the title that suits you best, and play! No need to pay, download, crack or install. After you are done with one title, hurry up and move to another one! You should try them all and don’t forget that we upload new entertainments all the time. We track the best and most expected titles, find them for you, and locate right here, so you won’t have to browse the Internet, trying to find them on your own. Rely on us – we will take care of your entertainment and make it endless!