Horror Puzzle Games

The Most Terrifying Puzzle Games Ever

Puzzles are perfect to make your evening or day calm and relaxed. You just launch the game, view the pieces of a picture and place them at the right places to see a complete image when you are done. Nothing too complicated, just a kind of a mediation: you arrange the pieces to see how the final pic looks like, thinking about your routine stuff and having fun. Most people prefer puzzles that depict kitties and doggies, landscapes and flowers, portraits and views of various cities of the world. The other like to make fantastic pictures of unicorns, fairies, and dwarfs.

Quiz Parampaa Online
2048 Cupcakes Unblocked
2048 Doge Unblocked
2048 Original Unblocked
2048 16×16 Board Unblocked
2048 Taylor Swift Unblocked
2048 ABCya
Slope Unblocked Games 77
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Zen Match
Geometry Dash 3D
Wordle 2024
Cuphead 2
Melon Playground 2
Baldi’s Basics Field Trip: Camping
Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle
Еscape Or Die 2
Among Us 3D
Trollface Quest Horror 3
The Room 2020
Forgotten Hill Disillusion
Geometry Dash Bloodbath
Troll Face Quest Horror
Photo Escape
Sliding Puzzle Block Terror
Silent Insanity P.T. – Psychological Trauma

These are really good ideas, but sometimes all of these standard pictures can make you bored to death. What about adding some pepper to the puzzle solving process? If you want to compose images that are not very calming, but rather thrilling, then you should try horror pics!

Placing the pieces and creating terrifying images

So what about making a complete picture of Freddy Krueger? Or maybe you are into strange little girls, like the one you have seen in The Ring movie? Making horror puzzles is great, because the result is always different from those that depict standard images. Before you get the pieces together, the picture doesn’t seem to scary, however, when you do – ta-dah – a really horrifying face is looking right at you. Your efforts and time are going to be rewarded by an adrenaline rush once you see those characters at their fullest and best. Most horror puzzles are made in dull colors: black, grey, white, crimson, brown, etc. Therefore, you should be attentive and watch the shades. As you have a limited palette, in most cases, composing a horror puzzle might be a very challenging task. However, we are sure that you will be pleased by the final result. Compose a puzzle fast and see your most favorite horror characters and heroes!

Check our collection

Horror-fans need to have rest from stressing and thrilling games they love. Indeed, after shooting a couple of zombies and killing some vampires, you should take a rest. What if you like horrors so much that you want to stay inside of the genre, but try something else? Something less nervous, still spooky. In such case, your choice is a horror puzzle. We have prepared an incredibly large collection of well-made puzzles specially for you. You can choose any of them and check them all, one by one. Some of them feature the well-known characters of your favorite titles, like movies and games, the others are just artworks made by the artists and designers, who really know how to make a horror look aesthetically. Whatever game you choose, you will get an access to high-quality and interesting pictures to put together. We have uploaded only the best and the most exciting ones. There are puzzles that don’t have any time limits, so you can just relax and train your skills. The others require you to act fast and get everything done before time expires. Zombies, maniacs, aliens, and other “cuties” are already waiting for you, so check them out and have fun with the puzzles we have gathered for you!