Paranormal Games

Today we live in the world where everything is explained and rational. Science has given answers that people have been trying to solve with the help of religion for centuries. Now instead of going to a healer who will perform some enigmatic rituals and give you potions, people address the hospital and nobody thinks that thunder and lightnings is the wrath of gods. Almost every natural and biological phenomenon has been researched. But still, even now, we keep believing in paranormal stuff.

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Some to greater, some to a lesser extent. It doesn’t matter how educated and reasonable we are. When it comes to something mystical and unexplainable, we can’t get rid of that chill running through our body and thinking, even at the back of our heads, that it might have a supernatural reason. If you long to touch the world that exists somewhere out of our reach, welcome to our paranormal games!

Meet supernatural creatures

What events await you in online paranormal games? Anything! You can meet a variety of mystical characters, from witches to vampires, from yetis to aliens. Each time it will be an exciting story in which you are the main character. You’ll set off for an incredible adventure in a world that exists far from everyday life, where things happen that are not amenable to logical understanding. Here the most unexpected stuff can occur. For example, you can fall into the hands of a witch and have to run away from her without being turned into a frog. Or you will have to oppose an ancient vampire who wants to drink your blood. Maybe you prefer a mystical investigation of a ghost house? Or following the footsteps of a snowman to prove that it exists? Some games are based on popular movies and TV shows, so you have a great opportunity to get to know your favorite characters better and even play for them. There are many options and only you are going choose the plot you are interested in!

Enjoy a mystical adventure

The genres of paranormal games are very different. It can be the simplest arcade game where it’s enough to tap a few buttons in time or a whole complicated quest with advanced graphics and an intricate storyline. You can shoot at the living dead until the cartridges run out, or you can run away from the terrible demon, jumping over obstacles and bypassing traps. Some games are complex puzzles that can only be solved with the help of logic and quick wit. Can you get to the legendary treasures hidden in a pyramid without disturbing the spirits that guard them? You should think a few steps ahead and always leave a backtrack way in case you’re trapped or chased. It’s worth noting that not all creatures in paranormal games are hostile, some will help you achieve your goal. And you can help some of them too – for example, get a potion to wake up a sleeping princess locked in a tower, or restore justice by investigating a long-forgotten crime to let someone’s spirit move on. All this is very exciting and diverse! Play paranormal games on our site and discover the other world with all its dangers and surprises!