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PANICORE immerses players in the role of audacious urban explorers who thrive on the thrill of uncovering the secrets hidden within the world’s most forbidden locations. From desolate buildings and derelict schools to forgotten treasures, the game taps into the allure of the unknown. However, their insatiable curiosity leads them to a place shrouded in warnings, a location deemed too perilous even by those who dare to tread where others do not. Ignoring the cautions, the team ventures into the ominous unknown, only to find themselves ensnared in a nightmare they did not anticipate.

Survival Against All Odds

Trapped within the confines of an eerie, abandoned structure, the explorers face a reality far removed from their adventurous quests. The game shifts from exploration to a desperate fight for survival, as they are not only challenged to escape the physical barricades but also to evade a sinister presence that stalks them at every turn. PANICORE combines puzzle-solving with strategic movement through a menacing maze of corridors, where silence and cunning are key to eluding the monstrous entity that hunts them. Cooperation among players becomes crucial, as they must rely on one another’s strengths and wit to uncover escape routes, all while racing against a ticking clock of doom.

Dynamic Co-op Gameplay and Immersive Hide-and-Seek mechanics force players to make split-second decisions, with the ever-present threat of a cunning adversary that adapts to their every move. The quest for freedom is fraught with challenges, requiring players to scavenize for essential items and solve complex puzzles under the pressure of impending peril. PANICORE offers a test of courage, teamwork, and survival instincts in an environment where every heartbeat could be the last.

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