Mr. Meat 1.6.1



Game information

Sometimes, people’s professions make them crazy. No, we don’t mean something like a professional deformation, burn-out or any other stupid stuff like that. We mean a real madness that turns people into animals. This is something that have happened to Mr. Meat. He is a butcher, who’s brains have twisted one fine day. Maybe, he gone crazy because of the unpleasant work he had to do all his life – slicing the bodies into pieces is not the calmest and rewarding everyday activity. As such, he became a butcher from all sides, a maniac butcher, who have made a step towards the crime. Pigs and cows don’t interest him anymore. He wants human blood. Mr. Meat has chosen a victim – a girl, and kidnapped her. You were a witness of this event, the only one witness. So what should you do? You decide to help the girl on your own and start a really dangerous adventure that can end in a very bad way. A really bad.

Now you are inside of the butcher’s house. Very soon, he realizes that someone is present and starts his hunt. You need to move fast and silently. When you make noises, the butcher understands where you are and goes there. Not only you will have to avoid meeting him and search for the lady at the same time. You won’t be able to approach to her unless you solve the puzzles correctly. So even if you are in a great fear, when a maniac is running after you, there is a need to keep your brains working! This won’t be easy – the boost of adrenaline can switch your intellect off. But you need to be strong and inventive to pass the challenge! Save the girl and keep yourself unharmed.

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