Mr. Hopps Playhouse

Game information

If you are looking for the scariest game ever then Mr. Hopps Playhouse might be exactly what you want. This title is absolutely creepy at all sides – the artwork, characters, plot, and sounds are terrifying as hell. This playhouse is a house of terror, fear, pain, and demonic toys. Do you remember your childhood years? When you were that adorable little kid. We bet that you have had a plenty of toys, but there was one that was special. The one that stood out of a crowd. And the reason you remember that stuffed thing is not because it was so nice or interesting. It is because it was freaking scary! Like Mister Hopps.

In this game, you will play for a little girl who owns a strange toy that seems creepy to her – no wonder, just look at this rabbit! He looks like a fluffy maniac. So he asks her dad to take this rabbit away from her, but he doesn’t pay too much attention to these complaints. Hopps sits on a stool in the middle of the room and watches the little girl trying to sleep. Gladly, she has the light on. But… at some point electricity starts working strangely and the light blinks. Then Hopps suddenly disappears! You are in a great danger. Try to survive in this horrible story where toys become alive and try to kill young children. This is going to be a real nightmare for you.

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