Saw Games

The Saw is a well-known movie series that have attracted thousands of horror-fans. These stories are about a maniac, who decides to take justice in his own hands and punish those people that seem bad to him. However, he doesn’t restrict himself to some boring morals or traditional tortures of any kind. For the infortune of all sinners that get to his hands, this guy has a very rich imagination. He invents puzzles and quests arranged in a really scaring and violent way.

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The Saw
Bart Simpson
Lady Gaga Saw
Batman Saw
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Those victims, who cannot pass the challenges usually get tortured to death. The problem is that these puzzles are almost impossible to solve anyhow. Well, that’s how the justice start to work when implemented by maniacs. However, this is a perfect plot for both movies and horror video games, isn’t it? The game developers think that it really, so they have created a number of amazing Saw-inspired titles. Some of them are made on the basis of the film, while the others feature the main concept – an imprisonment of a main character in the room controlled by the psycho – and apply it to all kinds of universes. For example, there are Saw games that feature Simpsons as main characters and all the events happen in their world. There is even a game, where Lady Gaga is a victim of the psycho! Who knows, what kind of sin she did, but…

On this website you will find all kinds of The Saw inspired games, from the classical ones to those that are mostly based on the developers’ fantasy. They are all united around one main task – you need to escape a horrible place. The maniac in a mask is watching you all the time and gives you mysteries, puzzles, and tricky tasks. You need to play the game he enforces and follow the rules. If you manage to solve all of his hellish puzzles, then chances are that you will survive. There is no other way you can run away from this place. Mostly, you will have a limited amount of time to solve the puzzles, so hurry up and do it before it is too late. Some of the titles we have uploaded for you are really violent, cruel, and bloody. The others are more humorous, but still have traits of a horror-game. That’s natural – an idea of being trapped by a crazy guy, ready to kill you is pretty scary. Your destiny is in your own hands! You cannot just take a gun or a riffle and defeat the monster. Turn your brain on, try not to tremble too much, and good luck. If this is your day today, then you will definitely deal with all horrors successfully.