Torture Games

Maybe, you believe that hurting someone for fun is unethical and against human morality. Well, that’s how it really is. The law of all developed countries do forbid any actions like this, even when it comes to criminals and people who are in jail. However, nobody ever told anything about torturing in games! Why don’t you release the dark parts of your soul, at least when it comes to the digital world? This doesn’t have any consequences, while some gamers claim that the results can even be psychologically fruitful.

Voodoo Doll
The Torture Game 2X
Anti Stress Game 2
Kick the Buddy: Forever
Sky Diving
The Torture Room
Virtual Voodoo
Please Player
Kick The Buddy 2
Kick the Buddy
Happy Room
Happy Wheels 2019

The secret is that hurting someone in a game can help you get rid of your aggressive impulses and ease the burden when you are stressed and angry. All in all, reaping a pair of legs and shooting someone’s head off is okay, when this someone is just a digital image! Thus, some games are really successful in providing you with realistic feeling that really helps you do whatever you want to do without any real problems.

We have a nice collection of such titles gathered in this section. They feature various characters you can “play” with and make them a little bit hurt. But wait. They are just drawings that doesn’t feel any pain, so you can take a knife or a shotgun calmly and do your business. Blood, legs, hands and heads will fly around, but everything is just a decoration! Whether you want to kick someone who looks just your boss, reap a head of a silly-looking stuffed toy, or check if a celebrity can handle your sadistic potential, you can do it right here. Day and night, torturing games are all at your disposal at this resource, giving you a good relax, stress release and of course laugh. We know that most gamers are fond of black humor, so you will surely have a really great time playing these titles one by one. Check them all! How much of that macabre satisfaction of making someone suffer you can handle? We bet that your inner maniac needs to go out!

Well, if you have already had enough of that cruel torturing and need something for contrast, you can always check the other sections of our site. As you know, we upload the titles of all imaginable genres with great care and make sure that you have a free instant access to any of them, whether new or old. How about some strategies? Maybe, farming titles will calm you down after all those flying limbs? Some unicorns and dressing games about cute dolls and kitties? Anything you like can be found right here. Once you have already had enough of one genre, move to another and find hundreds of amazing options for your most entertaining weekend ever. Games never end, so this is your ultimate resource of fun and enjoyment!