Kick the Buddy



Game information

So you’ve had a really disappointing day today and need a good stress reliever. Maybe, you have difficulties in your personal life, your parents are annoying you about your college grades or your boss made you angry. No matter what exactly you are angry about, a really good video game that includes some funny violence will surely cheer you up! And this is Kick the Buddy Forever, a title where you can literally kick, beat, fire, shot, squeeze, and explode him. Forever. Buddy’s torturing never ends, because you have so many amazing arms and tools to try. Take a knife and rip him open. Take a rifle and make some holes. Take a bomb and see him flying into pieces. Whatever way of torturing you prefer, you can apply it to this small smiling fellow, whose face is simply asking for a kick. Don’t worry – he is just sack doll; he doesn’t actually feel anything. Or maybe he does? But who cares, when it brings you so much fun! Upgrade your arsenal of weapons and become a real master of torture for Buddy! This new part includes some incredible features and additions you have never seen before, so hurry up and see them right now! You can play this and other parts of the series right on this site, using your web browser, without a necessity to download and install anything. Go for it!

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