Death Park



Game information

Do you share that common fear of clowns? If you do, then the time has come to tickle your nerves, because in this title you will meet the most horrifying clown you have ever seen. He is extremely disgusting and doesn’t remind a human being at all. It is hard to say how many eyeballs does he have – the left side of his ugly face counts about five small eyes. Also, his tongue is sticky and his skin looks like a lizard. He is a horrible and we bet that the last thing you want is meeting him in person, right? However, chances are that you will and very soon.
The game takes place in an abandoned park of entertainments. There is also a circus nearby and the clown came from that location. The place is scary and mysterious, so do you have enough strength and courage to solve the puzzles and find out what has happened here? The clown is an embodiment of ancient evil and he feels hunger that can only be satisfied by human blood. He destroys everything he sees on his way and very soon he will get you… So you need to find out how to get away from this cursed park before you meet this unpleasant gentleman. If you do meet him, be sure that he won’t leave you alive. Don’t get noticed by the clown and do your best to survive and escape! The ending of the game will hardly depend on your actions and decisions. The locations are full of useful stuff, but don’t count any guns or knives. You won’t find any weapons here, so fighting the clown and killing him is not an option – you simply cannot do that. However, you have fast legs and bright mind, so use these skills and run away before the monster finds you. He is not just creepy, but also extremely fast and very tricky. He is cunning and merciless, so whenever you feel that he is somewhere near – you would better hide somewhere.

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