Gold Grip

Game information

Just like many other survival horrors, this one challenges you to fight the difficulties and challenges of living in a postapocalypic environment with no traces of civilization left. Your hero is a lonely dude residing in a shabby shed in the middle of the woods. Surviving in these conditions won’t be easy, especially when darkness falls and the wilderness gets full of creepy creatures ravishing your blood. To stay alive, you need to follow the basic rules of all survivors: keep yourself warm, illuminate your house, supply yourself with enough water and food, make instruments and weapon to help you in your daily activities and self-protection. There are hunger, thirst and fatigue meters, so you need to eat and rest regularly to remain in full power. Are you ready to begin?

Alone and desperate

So, how it all started? The world got drowned in some mysterious infection that eliminated almost all the population. You were one of the few who moved out of the city in time to avoid everyone’s grim fate. For a long time, you haven’t seen or heard about any other survivors, so you believe you might be the only one left alive in the area. Now you can’t count on anyone else to give you a hand in a critical moment. You should take care of yourself looking for clues about the disease that struck so unexpectedly. Perhaps you can find a cure?

Learning to survive

As soon as you figure out the basic gaming mechanics, it shouldn’t take you long to learn to control your character. Moving in different directions is available with arrow keys, while ‘Z’ button is used to select and confirm various actions. For example, if you decide to take a nap, just head to the bed and press Z. You’ll see a prompt window letting you decide if you really want to use that option. Chose either yes or no with arrow keys and press Z again. The same works for selecting stuff from your inventory which is accessible via ‘X’ button.

Hanging by the thread

But even if you do everything in your power to provide your safe existence, you can’t relax even for a second. There are still chances for you to get infected. Once the decease creeps into you, your character will burst out into small shreds. Can you predict when it happens? Listen out to strange voices sounding in front of your home or in the corridor and stay alert if you hear them! And keep away from darkness which brings danger. Don’t let it cover you. Look for an axe in the snow, then for a tree you can chop down and make a fire to keep darkness at bay. Stuff scavenged by you, such as wood, berries and meet, is kept in the inventory. But note that you can only carry a limited weight with you, so allot the place carefully for it to suffice for everything that might come in handy!

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