Ice Scream Horror



Game information

When children hear the music that comes from an ice-cream car, they cannot help it – the small ones run after the car to get some delicious treat. You can choose the colors and tastes of your ice cream, get yourself a whole tower of sweet balls inside of the waffle, and enjoy that amazing delicious snack. The best thing is to take your friends with you and get ice cream together – choosing different tastes and then exchanging to try all of them. And lucky you are – a seller of the best ice cream in the world is going to your town, so you’d better hurry up and get some for you and your friends. Charlie, your best pall, also goes with you, so this day is going to be a really great day! You run to the van, choose the tastes, laugh and everything goes as it should. But there is something strange about this guy in an apron. He behaves like… a psycho-maniac! It turns out that the ice-cream seller is not the one he may seem to be, but a real monster. He kidnaps your friend and see that all! What should you do know? Of course, you have no choice but to stand against the powers of evil on your own, even though you are just a kid. So the time has come.
The crazy ice-cream seller is not a usual person. He has some supernatural powers and can control the temperature of the air and water. Your friend was frozen by his strange powers and you saw him disappearing inside of the seller’s car. That’s creepy, especially considering the fact that he might be not the first victim of the crazy ice-cream man. And surely, not the last one. This guy behaves so nicely with children, but then he captures them and hides inside of his van. What are the evil plans he has? What will he do next to his victims? It is creepy to think about such things, but you need to sneak into the car and find out before it is too late. This is going to be the scariest and riskiest affair in your life – you will step inside the van, find the kidnapped children including your poor friend, and try to save them all before this strange maniac implemented his truly evil plans in life.
The environment inside of the van seems much wider than you could imagine. Your task is to find the frozen pall, but this won’t be that easy – you will have to solve numerous mysteries on your way and deal with so many brain-wracking puzzles. Be sure that you do everything correctly and behave quietly – one mistake or sound can cost your life. Do your best and try to find the victims without becoming a victim yourself! Remember that if an ice-cream guy catches you, you are doomed.

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