Kogama: Hello Neighbor

Game information

Hello Neighbor is now available on Kogama! This gaming platform has become widely popular recently, so it’s no surprise the favorite horror of many online gamers has also been added to the list of its titles. You will once again have to step up against your highly suspicious and cruel neighbor who seems to be torturing people in his basement. But since its Christmas, the home will be filled with all sorts of decorations and winter characters to help you along and stand in your way! Run your own Christmas investigation in search of clues and answers. Sneak into your neighbor’s manor, explore multiple rooms and use various items to get to the basement door. Just like previously, the neighbor will be watching you, hanging inside his house even though it’s Christmas and he should be celebrating elsewhere. Plan your actions so that your opponent remains unaware of your presence and look for hiding at the first signs of threat. Remember that your neighbor is very cunning. If he hears a suspicious sound or sees a thing you misplaced during your searches, wait for trouble. You need to be all eyes and ears to avoid the traps placed here and there and sneak past security cameras hidden in Christmas decorations!

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