KoGaMa Horror Games

What can make up for the lack of adrenaline better than a good horror? At all times, people told each other horror stories, as if fear and anxiety are vital to a person. Now the horrors have moved to the level of online games, where everyone can feel like a part of terrible events. Horror games are a chance to let your fear through you and free yourself from it. In addition to the magnificent emotional discharge, these games often delight to users due to their intricate plot and challenging passing.

KoGaMa: Ghost House
Haunted Hospital – Kogama
Haunted Hotel – KoGaMa
The Best Horror Game – KoGaMa
Horror Adventure – KoGaMa
Slenderman of Kogama
Kogama: Hello Neighbor

Plunge into your worst nightmare!

Our collection is perfect for fans of dynamic games. You can play any of KoGaMa horror games to your taste, fighting face to face with opponents owning formidable weapons and supernatural powers. Scary creatures can jump, roll over in the air and shoot at the same time! However, you’re not helpless either. You can offer worthy resistance and, if you’re lucky and persistent enough, permanently erase the enemy from the face of the earth. Discover the terrible adventures that await you!

The big plus of horror games on KoGaMa is that you can share them with friends. Each trial and adventure requires you to customize your character and step into the action fully equipped for struggle. You can invite your buddies to participate in the same entertainment and then compare your results. Fighting forces of evil together is way more fun! But prepare that it isn’t going to be simple… Dark beings and maniacs are cunning, there is nothing to stop them, they have no fear – unlike you – and will resort to anything to get their way. It’s your task to oppose them and do everything in your power to survive no matter how hard and hopeless the situation seems!

Solve mysteries and fight dark forces!

In the games of this category you need to be alert all the time. Darkness can hide anywhere. A lot of games are dedicated to escaping from various places filled with dangers. This may be a haunted house, a mental hospital or a maniac’s lair. In others, you have to fight terrible opponents, such as zombies and demons, who will try to surround you from all sides. Depending on the gameplay, your task may be limited by running away from the antagonist or fight them with a bunch of different options for combat attacks and techniques. You can learn how to master the skills of your character in the shortest possible time thanks to the easy-to-comprehend training mode and detailed instructions.

Our challenging games are full of brutal, cruel and exciting action! Shred death with a scythe cutting your enemies in half, slice them into pieces or turn their bodies into a pile of ash. Be attentive, improve your fighting skills, and get ready to overcome many levels of terror. You will meet all your favorite characters, allowing you to get an incredible feeling of scary games on KoGaMa! Start playing and look into the face of mortal danger. Test your courage and prove to yourself that you are able to withstand any horror! Play KoGaMa horror games online and get your dose of hefty impressions without getting up from your computer chair or tearing off your smartphone screen!