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Are you ready to get into the skin of a giant shark and set out on a thrilling marine journey spreading terror and death? Then welcome to Maneater! Your task here is simple: swim around the ocean, eat everything you can swallow and grow bigger! That won’t always be easy, though. Some of the sea dwellers are quite sturdy and agile. It’s hard to defeat them with just a few bites, no matter how deadly they are. You have to be persistent and cunning to add them to your victim list!

The battle system is simple and effective. There is a button for biting, another for dodging and the third one for accelerating. This minimalistic set of moves is enough to successfully chase and spectacularly devour different types of prey – other fish, crocodiles, humans and even fishing boats. Speaking about humans, they won’t leave your bloody escapades unanswered! After you gain fame as a man-eater, local authorities will put a bounty on your head. You’ll be hunted by people with harpoons and guns, motorboats and even whaling ships! Destroying them is a separate kind of fun you definitely need to experience!

Exploring is also an important part of the gameplay. At the bottom of the ocean, there are also plenty of collectibles waiting for you. During centuries, it has become the burial ground for thousands of vessels and you can find all kinds of sunken treasures still lying in the mud. Add them to your collection and get a boost to your parameters or a battle bonus!

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