Mr Meat

Game information

The profession of a butcher seems to be a bit bloodthirsty. Indeed, is there a person, who would be found of such an everyday activity? You have to deal with meat, blood, and bones all day long. Is it even possible to stay sane when you do? It seems like it is, but not always. In this game you will meet a guy, who couldn’t stay sane being a butcher. And his name is Mr. Meat. He is crazy and seems to be a killer. If not a serial one, that a beginner, who has already captured his poor victim. As always, the victim is an innocent girl, who has no chance to survive unless you help her. You are a savior, the one who is here to bring the justice back. For some reason, you decide to enter the house of a crazy butcher and get the girl out of here, because you understand that she is in a big trouble and her life is in a great danger. Right you are, there is no need to be a detective to figure this out – a terrifying butcher kidnaps and girl and keeps her inside of her house is a situation that doesn’t need any explanations.

Instead of calling the cops, you decide to deal with the problem on your own. It’s clear – when you see someone in a great danger, it is hard to sit still. So you enter the house of this strange villain and start your mission. The girl is somewhere hidden in the house and you have to find her. However, the butcher is also somewhere near and you would better do your best not to let him find you. That’s a serious challenge – if you and the lady will become victims both, then who will save you and punish the evil man? So your mission is very serious and important and you cannot fail it. Solve the mysteries to get closer to your aim and finally get the girl out of here. And to get out yourself! Good luck and don’t get caught by this madman no matter what. The house is full of challenging tasks and places, so be careful on your way.

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