Troll Face Quest: USA 2



Game information

Your troll-friends are back to America! They liked their previous journey a lot, so now they decide to repeat it and play more jokes with you. Are you ready to continue this quest? Well, then here you are! Immerse yourself into the universe of black humor, tough jokes, and incredibly funny (but a bit cruel) humor! The amazing adventure goes on and you are welcome to take part in it right now! The game can boast of having funny and bright meme-like graphics, memorable puzzles, and a great deal of funny situations. An ocean of pretty specific but cool jokes is waiting for you in this quest. You will find yourself in the middle of countless absurd and funny events, so we guarantee that you won’t get bored even for a second!
The quest will check your knowledge about the American trends and news in politics and show business. Actors, singers, artists, stars, and politicians will appear in this game and you will have to troll them all! Have you ever dreamt to troll the president of the USA when he is eating a hamburger? Show your creativity and come up with the best ideas for trolling. Your helpers will assist you to get through the difficulties and solve the puzzles all together. Find a solution for every tricky situation you find yourself in and have fun in the process. Get ready that you are not the only troll here – the characters will troll you in turn! You have to stand against them and compete in trolling, which is never easy. Show your wittiness and sharp mind not to find yourself in the wrong boat! Enjoy trolling and being trolled! Have fun!

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