Very Little Nightmares



Game information

This cute little game is a tapping one, which means that you need to touch the screen trying to solve the tasks presented by it. What is more, the title can boast of having cool character design – the main hero is a small child dressed in a coat with a large hood. The setting is no-less well-drawn and nice. It is an enormous house with endless rooms that look like labyrinths. They are super-tangled and you can walk there for ages. The little girl lost there and you need to help her find a way out, but this task is not that simple – the house is really large and lots of entranced, exits, rooms, and niches are there. The worst thing is that the building is not empty, but full of various creatures and harmful things. These creatures will try to catch the girl and you need to save her from being attacked by the evil monsters. They are everywhere, so you will have a really “fun” time trying to keep this poor little child away from death. However, you are her only hope!
The puzzles are pretty concrete. There are no mysteries and strange things to uncover. In most cases, you will have to do some pretty trivial stuff that is obviously needed for a girl’s escape – climbing somewhere to get to a certain point, finding the keys to open the door and move further, pushing blocks and boxes, switching some processes on to move. The girl is an ordinary child and she doesn’t have any special powers, magical skills, or supernatural vision. She can walk, jump, hide, and climb.

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