Buckshot Roulette

Game information

Welcome to the wildest, wackiest, and most high-stake game in town – Buckshot Roulette! Will you survive the night in this adrenaline-charged, bullet-loaded battle of wits and luck? The game’s gonna show!

The Rules and the Stakes

You and your opponent are armed with a 12-gauge shotgun each.
The game unfolds in three rounds (you can’t respawn in the final one).
At the start of each, the shotgun is loaded with a mix of live rounds and blanks.
Get your opponent killed before they zap you out of existence!

Buckshot Roulette Gameplay

1. Load and Shoot: Will you shoot your opponent or take your chances with yourself? Choose wisely!
2. Defibrillator Duels: Both you and your opponent get a set of defibrillator charges. Get shot? No worries, defibrillate back to life. But beware, they have the same trick up their sleeve!
3. Items and Advantage: Every round, both parties get items that can turn the tide. From tactical advantages to sheer chaos, these items spice up the gameplay.

So, ready for this rollercoaster of randomness, where luck, strategy, and a good old shotgun pump-action rule the night? Then load up, take aim, and let the Buckshot Roulette madness commence!

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