Horror Shooting Games

Shooters are even better when they are combined with your second favorite genre – horrors. When you are struggling against hellish creatures, who are so scary that you really want to blow their heads off, you get that thrill feeling and an adrenaline rush. At the same time, this proves that horrors can go far beyond primitive entertainments or just simple jump scares. As a rule, horror shooters are full of serious elements, where frightening you is not the main aim. Or at least this process is made in a very sophisticated manner.

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Buckshot Roulette
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Half-Life Alyx

That’s it, some of them test your archetypical fears of the dead bodies, monsters from the outside world, and of course the living dead. However, there is something more than just “booo!” here. Some shooter games have a context that rises almost existential questions, testing the ideas of the worldwide catastrophes and the way people change when appear in a situation like that. Indeed, when you have a trifle in your hands and wandering through a post-apocalyptic city full of hungry zombies, what are you thinking about? Are there any high values left in your mind or are you ready to sacrifice everything humane just to survive? Some titles do evoke ideas in your mind and work as they were books and movies. The others are simpler and can provide you with a perfect stress-reliever or just an escapist entertainment. When you have another world full of zombies and monsters on the other side of the screen, your everyday problems become more distant at least for a couple of hours. There is nothing wrong with that. Just take your shotgun and go get some!

We have gathered an extensive list of titles that provide you with experiences of all kinds. Whether you are fond of heroic stories, where you play for a lonely soldier left among the horrible creatures, hoping to survive, or whether you just one to shot monsters’ head off – we have anything here. It’s a great thing when you have shooting games all at one place, this means that when you’ve already had enough of one title, you can simply move to another in just one click. There is no need to wander across the Internet, googling and searching for something you may like and play for free. Just stick to this platform and enjoy your playing time! So don’t be a chicken – try the scariest games one by one and make your nerves steel!