Animatronics Games

Someone is being cute and creepy at the same time. Who is it? You guessed it right, it is an animatronic! They are robotic animals, who can move, talk, and do everything people can. This makes them perfect characters for horror games! What if an artificial animal goes out of control? This evokes thoughts about dangers and unexpected dramas that may occur when people will manage to create an advanced artificial intelligence.

Ultimate Custom Night
Baldi’s Basics Plus
CASE 2: Animatronics Survival
CASE: Animatronics 4
Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Reaction Compilation
Case Animatronics 2
Case Animatronics 3
Case Animatronics
Five Nights at Candy’s 2
FNAF Custom Night
Puppet Animatronics
Animatronic Simulator
Animatronics Feeding FNAF
GTA: Animatronics
Minecraft: Animatronics
Animatronics for Kids
My Little Pony Animatronics
Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory

Conspirators claim that chances are that the robots will gain self-awareness and rebel against people. What if they don’t want to do what we delegate to them? And even worse… what if they decide to punish people? It’s hard to imagine your laptop, which is trying to do harm to you (unless you recall an episode when it collapsed right in the middle of your work and you forgot to save the progress). However, what if you think about a walking robot, who has skills and what is more – who has a stronger body, limitless energy, and capabilities that are better than any of your yours? No human restrictions, just pure power and almost 100% invincibility. If you think about it for a while, you will understand what makes animatronics perfect antagonists for the horror games. They are unlike human and similar to them at the same time. You cannot hide from them, when they have passion for killing you. Their desire to kill might be pure and clear – no moral and other limitations that human beings have to face.

We have prepared a large collection of animatronic games for you. Check this amazing set and see! Of course, the real hit of our collection is FNaF, the most famous title that features robotic animals, who go mad. The series includes a number of parts, where you are going to play for a night watchman stuck alone in the room. While animatronics are not dangerous at the daytime, they become monsters at night. So they will try to attack you and your aim is to prevent this. What if they have reasons to attack you? Maybe, your character did something wrong in his life and now he suffers from a cruel punishment? You will find out when you play! There are more titles that will present animatronic animals to play with. Some of them were placed to the well-known titles like Minecraft. If you have already played all imaginable parts of these amazing series, you will surely appreciate the version with animatronics! Also, we have a game about pony-animatronics, who are both strange and adorable, so you will surely have some mixed feelings towards them. Try all of them and have fun!