Haunted House Games

As kids, we all loved scary tales about haunted houses. We would venture into old desolate buildings looking for ghosts and make up stories that the old grumbly Mrs. Anderson living alone in her sinister-looking home at the end of the street is actually a vampire who sleeps in a coffin and walks out at nights to drink blood. Now, as adults, we understand that it was just our imagination.

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But sometimes we want to feel those goosebumps on our skin again. Our haunted house games will help you with that! You are going to set foot into a grim building inhabited by evil spirits that are looking for the right moment to capture you. You’d better keep away from them and try to get out of this horrible place as soon as you can!

Escape the grip of the angry ghost

Although the concept of haunted house games is the same, they exist in a variety of genres. Some games are escape room quests challenging you to make it out of a ghost-filled building, typically in a limited amount of time or attempts. You must explore the home, but quietly, without alerting the ghosts, and find a way out. The suspenseful atmosphere and sudden appearances of the supernatural creatures make the gameplay very thrilling and sometimes downright creepy! Whether it’s someone’s deserted home or a gothic castle, you should have tight nerves to withstand all the trials. And there are going to be lots of them! The ghosts won’t let you get out that easily. They will hunt you down and try to scare you to death. You should be prepared and keep a cool head otherwise you’ll get panicky in a critical situation and fall an easy prey to the dark powers.

Unravel a mystical story

Sometimes it’s enough to find the key guarded by a particularly aggressive spirit and come up with means to sneak past it or even put up a fight. Sometimes the whole gameplay guides you through a gripping mystical story. You’ll learn about the past of this house and its dwellers and find out what made them turn into ghosts and linger here. Perhaps they have some unfinished business and you need to help them with it so that they could move on. Or maybe the spirit is looking for revenge and won’t go to rest until it settles scores with its enemies. You can be able to rid the building of an evil force by performing a ritual. But first you need to find all the stuff required to do the powerful magic that can send the ghost to another world. Some games are real detective stories daring you to investigate a tricky case that leads you right into the haunted house. You need to put all pieces of the puzzle together and follow the clues to find out what’s happening and how to help those who suffered from the wrath of the angry spirit.

Regardless of the haunted house game you choose, you’re going to have an amazing time! Our site hosts plenty of such virtual entertainments that will keep you in tension throughout the entire gameplay. The most important thing is to keep yourself together and retain vigilance. Plunge into the atmosphere of suspense and horror, stay alert and behave carefully to avoid a fatal ending!