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You are Fen Yu, a girl that had lost her father long time ago. She was in sorrow from the day he disappeared, but her hope that he is still alive never left her. One day she received a message from him. He called her by her name and said that he is waiting to see her in an abandoned house. This was an old building they used to live in. Having no doubts in her soul, Fen Yu went to that place because her only wish was to reunion her family and make sure that her father is really alive and willing to see her. However, things turned to be a bit different. Once she entered the building, lonely and dull, she found herself in a real nightmare.

The family of a main character were participants of some strange Asian religious cult and there are many objects in the flat that remind about this to a player. However, the old house seems to haunted by evil spirits that are willing to get rid of the outsider. You are an alive person and nothing irritates the dead souls more. Unfortunately, you have no weapon to defend yourself, so you need to hide and run from the dangers that will try to reach you. What is more, your main aim is to find and resolve the puzzles that are hidden in this place. They are complicated and tragic since they reveal dark spots in the family’s history and sometimes it is very hard to learn the truth. Especially, when it is so terrifying.

You will have to immerse yourself into the memories and distorted psychical structures of your mind and the minds of the family. The deeper you go, the more stressful and unpredicted things become. Despite the fact that you play for a young girl, it seems that she is ready to face the horrible things from the outside, as well as from the bottom of her own consciousness. You won’t see any screamers or primitive horror elements here, however, the level of anxiety will grow all the time. There is a great journey in front of you, dreamlike and even nightmarish, but you need to go through it to find out the truth. The mystical elements and atmosphere as well as well-thought psychological background made with great attention and knowledge will surely impress every horror-fan, so try this title right now and see.

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