Horror Games For Girls

Young ladies, if you like playing scary titles, then we are happy to inform you that you are looking at the largest and the most well-thought list of incredible horrors right now. Who said that girls like cooking, dressing, and petting cats only? Who said that girls are only fond of Pegasus and fairies? We are here to ruin this myth, because we know that young ladies are not only princesses, but also real warriors, rangers and zombie-defeaters!

Build a Queen
Papa’s Cluckeria To Go
Storyteller Full Game
That’s not my Neighbor 2
Fred’s Cereal Company 2
Amanda The Adventurer 3
Tiny Bunny Episode 4
The Baby In Yellow: Black Cat
The Baby In Yellow Online
Suzi’s Secret Playhouse
Cuphead DLC
Sans Simulator Hard Mode
FNF Vs Flowey
Yandere High School Simulator
The Baby In Yellow Unblocked
Sonic Eyx
Melon Playground Spider Man
Amanda The Adventurer
Hungry Lamu
Melon Playground 2
Amanda The Adventurer 2
Amanda The Adventurer Full Game
Cat Museum
Andy’s Apple Farm
Deltarune 2

If you are one of these courageous and curios girls, then make sure to take a close look at the list of super-spooky titles we have gathered specially for you. Here, you will find so many of them that you will have no choice but to stay on this platform for hours and days before you check them all. What is more, we upload new ones regularly, so stick to this site and you will always have a full range of entertainments at hand!

What do we have to offer?

Well, from classical girlish titles that feature make up and dressing to jumpscares and deep stories – we have everything. Having vampire-friend is a great idea, so you can get one and prepare her for a real gothic party, full of handsome vampires. To make them all fall in love with her, you will dress her up in the most beautiful clothes and make her a starry make up. The dressing up games on the horror themes usually have special soundtrack and background. If you are fond of something more extreme – try playing some thrilling titles, where zombies and monsters jump on you all of a sudden, but you have something to show them – your gun! Whether you like something more active or something relaxing, you can find both right here. Puzzles and shooters, dress-ups and RPGs, all created, gathered and uploaded right here on this site for you, pretty young ladies!

Start your horror adventure now!

So what are you waiting for? You have already got enough of those cute-looking, pink and blue games about Barbie and ponies. Now the time has come for a really tough adventure and you should prove that you can handle anything. Take a look at the list of titles located here. Some of them will immerse into the world nearly conquered by the undead, so you will have to accept the challenge and save the planet from a disaster, shooting those nasty monsters right into their empty heads. Or do you want to walk into a haunted house, where ghosts and demons are hiding in each corner? Or maybe you would like to make a puzzle? The pictures may scare you to grey hair, but they are not that frightening before you get the entire puzzle made. What about some deep stories about strange tricks that our brain plays to us? Some game characters experience really unbelievable things, when their forgotten memories start to come back. The others find themselves locked in a room, while the room is not actually a room, but a cage of their mind. Sounds really spooky! Just don’t get too scared, when you play them, because we bet that it’s going to be really hard to fall asleep after you check the list of horrors on our resource! Well, at least if you get too scared, you can always come back to ponies and fluffy kittens. Why not?