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Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard, known collectively as FUWAMOCO, burst onto the scene as the enchanting twin VTubers from hololive English -Advent-. With their origins tied to the lore of being the elder and younger siblings of The Demonic Guard Dogs, their tales weave through realms of whimsy and playful mayhem. Fuwawa, “The Fluffy One,” embraces her role with a mix of serenity and vivaciousness, her personality blooming in her interactions and care for her sister Mococo and their pet, Pero. In contrast, Mococo, dubbed “The Fuzzy One,” channels her energy into a vibrant display of antics fueled by her love for anime and games, her spirit undampened by their time in The Cell. Together, they craft a world where laughter and adventure are just a stream away.

Engagement, Loyalty, and Sibling Harmony

In their digital domain, FUWAMOCO captivates with a synergy that’s as endearing as it is entertaining. Their streams, particularly the “FUWAMOCO Morning” talk show, become a platform where interaction with their beloved Ruffians— a name affectionately given to their fans—takes center stage.

This connection is deepened by a mutual pledge of loyalty, with Fuwawa and Mococo championing the joys of being present, engaging passionately as a community member, and fostering camaraderie among Ruffians and beyond. Their journey together, marked by laughter, the occasional misstep, and a shared dream of protecting their fans’ smiles, illustrates a bond that transcends the virtual, making every stream an invitation to join in their escapades and be part of their ever-expanding circle.

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