Psychedelic Online Games

Surrealistic, brain-wracking and pretty strange experience is something all psychedelic games fans are looking for. The games that can be considered as psychedelic might be trippy and dream-like. You can find this type of titles among independent ones, usually created by indie-studios. They may feature a bit strange plot, colorful graphics, and unique characters that will make you feel like you are a bit high when playing them. Also, you can call psychedelic some of the horror titles, since this genre is the one that plays with our psychics even more than any other.

Fear Assessment
(Don’t) Open Your Eyes
Little Misfortune
Janitors Day
Residence of Evil 2
Hunger Games
Hunger Games 2
The Other Side
Nickelodeon Mystery Mansion
Legally Addicted
We Happy Racing
House of Celestina

If you are a fan of horror titles, you must be familiar with those ones that immerse into a world, where the reality is literally splitting into pieces, showing you not only the strangest elements of the outer world, but also the darkest corners of human souls. Also, this subgenre may include titles that depict our habitual life in a different manner, showing various layers of it. Most of these games play with the way human mind, perception, memory, and basic instincts work. The main feature that unites them all is a slight touch of mystery.

We have gathered a list of top titles that can be considered as psychedelic to let you immerse yourself in the different reality. While computer games are different reality themselves, the effect becomes even more significant, when developers actually exaggerate it. If you are the kind of person, who likes adventures of a very unusual sort and want to discover new layers of your own brain and the world, then this subgenre will surely interest you. At this section, you will find horrors, action games, trippy titles, and many other types that are united in one list because of their unusual approach to depicting reality. Some of them will be really complicated and surprising in many ways. Psychedelic titles are all about being unexpected and unpredictable. The others are simple and clear, still there is something special about them all. Game developers put their best efforts to create a sense of psychedelia, but each of them has his own understanding of the concept. So this is your perfect chance to travel across their fantasies and discover your own. Outlive a dream or a fantastic event that could never happen in the reality, choosing one of these titles.

For example, in House of Celestina you are going to appear in a terrible place, trying to find your way out of there. Evil spirit of a lady called Celestina will try to catch you, so be careful. The other hit of psychedelic titles surely is The Residence of Evil. This is an another survival horror that will make your blood chill. The undead creatures will attack you, but you have to be brave and strong to stand against them all alone. We have also uploaded a famous Hunger Games title, the one that explores social issues of society and provides a dark fantasy about the nearest future. There are even more amazing and freaky entertainments to try out, so we bet that you will have a good portion of psychedelia when browsing this section. They will make you tremble from fear, discover the gloomiest places of human mind, and find out something you didn’t know before. Jump in!