Slenderman Games

Welcome to the world of Slenderman! In the Slenderman games section, you can get the highest degree of horror and fear. Slenderman is a legendary faceless monster. There are absolutely no organs on his face – he doesn’t have a nose, eyes, mouth or ears. The frontal part of his head is covered with snow-white skin. His body is disproportionate.

Slenderman Must Die Underground Bunker
Slenderman Must Die: Survivors
Slenderman Horror Story: MadHouse
Slenderman and Killer Clown
Slenderman The Curse
Slendrina: The Cellar
Slender Man
Slenderman: Zombie Apocalypse
Slenderman Must Die: Abandoned Cemetery
Slenderman: Dead Space
Slenderman Must Die: Silent Forest
Slenderman of Kogama
Slender Man Origins
Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space
Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste
The Real Slenderman

Slender is the owner of a huge inhuman growth and thinness, which immediately gives him the devilish look. Only from afar it can be mistaken for a person because of his outfit. He is dressed in a black mourning suit and tie. But the worst thing about Slendedman is his hands — long, thin, and rubber-like. They can stretch to incredible length and can twist the victim in a split second. Sometimes, his hands can turn into nasty tentacles. At such moments, the victim realizes that there will be no mercy and death is already reaching his throat.

As a mysterious and bloody monster, Slenderman lives in forests and abandoned places. Chances are, that if you walk on his territory accidently, he will not treat you as a dear guest. But not only he lives on his territory and punishes innocent victims, who have lost their way in a forest. Also, he can visit towns and cities to kidnap someone. Eyewitnesses say that he looks in the windows children’s rooms at night. He searches for those kids, who are still awake and after that little ones disappear without a trace. But still no one knows what the monster does with its prey. There are rumors that he kills, devours, or drags them into another dimension. But one thing can be said with certainty – the meeting with Slenderman will never end well. In this section, you will be able to see the legendary monster with your own eyes, but then you will have to run away from it as fast as you can before he kills you. In some titles you will have a great opportunity to hunt him and defeat a monster with your own hands. But be careful, because he will hunt you in turn. Who is faster and stronger – you or ancient evil in a form of a well-dressed man without a face? Sounds a bit desperate, but you have all chances to kill him and stop this terror forever. In other games you need to collect all the pages with suicide notes of the victims tortured by Slenderman and solve his puzzles. Perhaps they will shed light on the origin of this bloodthirsty monster. You are the only one, who can unravel this mystery!