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Why Zombie Horrors Are That Great?

If you are a fan of slasher/survival horrors, then you must be fond of zombie-stories. They make amazing enemies – sometimes incredibly stupid and slow, sometimes fast and absolutely dangerous, they can act as a perfect frightening character, who is possessed by a desire to kill. Unlike smart and witty enemies, who usually have stories and reasons to act the way they do, so we can trace something like a psychological portrait and think about global questions of justice and uncertain border between good and evil, these guys are pure desire to destroy life. Maybe, this is the main thing that makes them that terrifying, because they are ultimate “others” or “aliens” for us, people.

Age Of Origins: Tower Defense
Tabs Zombies
Monster School: Baby Zombie
Melon Playground Zombie
Cars Vs Zombies
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 7
Zombie Idle Defense
Door Kickers
Zombie Shooter
Dead Estate
MineWorld Horror The Mansion
Zombie Madness
Arizona Sunshine
Age of Z Origins
The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land
Zombie Army 4: Dead War
Resident Evil 3
Endless Zombie Road
Handless Millionaire: Zombie Food
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
Cowboy Zombie
Goat vs Zombies
The Walking Zombie 2
Zero City
Flat Zombies: Defense & Cleanup
Zombie Tsunami
Stickman VS Zombies

The most horrible thing is that they are hunting us and once they reach us, we become the same as they are – mindless, concise-less, driven by an unknown desire to kill and nothing else. They have a form of a human, but they actually are not. They are corps, but the actually are not! Neither dead, nor alive, neither people, nor inhuman beings, zombies can evoke controversial feelings in our minds. This is why they must that popular, when it comes to movies and games.

Zombie games to try out on our platform

We have collected a pretty large list of the most popular and high-quality titles that feature zombies. These senseless and emotionless brain-eaters will have no mercy for you, our friend, so get ready to take your gun and kill them all until they reach you and bit your head off. Here you will find a deal of shooters, where you will have to be precise and accurate, killing the undead with the help of your shotgun; survivals, where you will have to save your life at any costs and take care of other people around you, trying to escape zombie rush (by the way, sometimes you won’t be that lucky to have a gun); funny arcades, where zombies will act like stupid, still very dangerous enemies; RPGs with incredibly thrilling atmosphere and more! With great attention to our visitors’ preferences, we did our best to find and sort these titles per genres, so you will easily find something you have been looking for. Whether you are fond of combination if horror and crafting, horror and humor, horror and shooting or anything else, you will certainly find it right here. In this section, all the titles feature your favorite creepy monsters – zombies. So have fun with the undead.

Are you ready for a zombie-adventure?

Some titles are deep and serious, since they use zombies rather to depict some ideas of social ignorance and lack of understanding. They want to make you think about some issues, therefore use zombies as the best metaphoric characters for their ideas. These usually are RPGs and survivals, some of which tell the story of apocalypse, while the other drag your attention to other catastrophes that may happen all of a sudden, when you are not expecting anything like that, living your ordinary life. The other titles are less serious and thought provoking, so you can choose them when you are feeling too tired and global problems are not a subject of your current interest. Zombies are not only perfect depiction of fallen society, but also perfect comical characters. What makes them funny is their absolute stupidity and hunger for “brains”, so they cannot actually notice anything else. As a rule, both in serious and funny titles, zombies are not very smart and you can kill them with one headshot. The problem begins when there are too many of them, trying to attack you at the same time. But don’t panic even in a situation like this – keep calm and shoot the zombies!