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Are you ready to participate in mysterious and dangerous events that will put you face to face with demonic creatures and may cost you your life? If so, you should definitely play Clea! The game centers around a little girl and her brother. They are locked inside a huge creepy house possessed by dark spirits. The kids are watched over by guardians – terrible monsters from hell that will try to prevent them from getting out in every possible way. You need to outsmart them and sneak away from this horrible building. Your fate is determined solely by your own actions and the decisions you take. The game can turn either way, so think thoroughly before making your next step. Due to a strong intellectual component Clea is a great choice both for those who enjoy pure horror and for those who seek to fuel their brain. Your tormenters are hunting you, they can be anywhere. So try to behave as quietly as possible, observe the house through slits and peepholes, move on your tiptoes and be ready to hide at the first signs of danger. There are many challenges and fascinating findings waiting for you on your path. You will learn the history of the house and the family that lived here and slip away from a mortal threat just a second before certain death. Start playing Clea online right now and enjoy the thrill!

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