Visage Chapter 2

Game information

The creepiest horrors are those that include psychological elements, because they discover the darkest sides of human souls and the hidden mysteries of our minds. Very often these games play with non-linear memories, distorted perception of the reality, and other similar tricks our mind can play with us. Something that makes them really scary is that they rarely are primitive. While horrible monsters and classical elements like gloomy atmosphere might be present, the main game is played inside of us. This is something that makes them really special. While you can away from a monster or kill it with fire, you cannot run away from your own mind.

Visage is a title of that kind. The second part of the story will place you to an old mansion, where the environment and the inner state of the main character collide. The habitual rooms suddenly change and show monstrous things. Hallucinations become a part of the reality and it is hard to say, where the inside world ends. As such, you will find yourself in a very strange and unusual story, where the deep plot will uncover itself gradually. Level by level, you find out more secrets, some of which are so blood chilling that it would be better if they stayed as they are.

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