Yuppie Psycho



Game information

You never know what might be waiting for you when you make a new step in life. For example, you have been looking for a job and then finally you are an employee at a large company. You go to work every morning and do your duties like a loyal clerk. You are not very experienced (this is your first job) and lack qualification, but you do everything that depends on you and try hard to become better. The days are all similar, but it’s okay – you feel that you are in a stable environment and nothing bad and unexpected can happen. Just a calm daily routine. However, you are wrong. One day your boss comes to you and says that the time has come for a really serious task. You are chosen as a special company member to fulfill a very unusual mission. Will you handle it?

Well, the task is really strange and it actually ruins all of your perceptions of work, company you are in, and maybe – life as a whole. The real job you have been hired for is not a clerk but a witch hunter! The company’s story of success has one small secret – the reason for being that flourishing and prosperous is magic. A witch made a spell to make the company that large. However, something went wrong at some point. Now the witch is not satisfied and she is torturing the employees with nasty spells. Maybe, they made her mad somehow or maybe this is because she is just an evil witch, the one you should never trust. Now you will have to find out a lot of secrets, meet various strange people, and fix everything. From a regular guy, not very brave or strong, you will make your way through challenges and change! You will learn how to do your everyday job, communicate with colleagues and customers and the most important skill – how to deal with magical creatures that will reach you. You will make a plan and decide the course and the end of the story.

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