Fran Bow 2 Game Online

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Sick or tricked?

Psychos. We are afraid of them. We despise them. We think they should be kept away in mental hospitals where they can hurt anyone. But what if it’s the psycho who has been hurt? What if she is kept in a stray jacket and stuffed with tranquilizers and hallucinogens against her will? Unfortunately, we don’t know that. We’re not sure if Fran is really mad and needs therapy or if she has simply been put away for reasons that have nothing to do with her mental health. We can’t say whether the doctors are trying to help her or lie that her parents were killed. What we know is that she doesn’t like it here. She feels sick every time she takes the medications. They don’t calm her down, instead they bring up dark, dangerous images in her head. So she decides to end this and run off. Will she be able to do it? Perhaps, with your assistance.

In the labyrinth of wards and illusions

Our story beings when Fran receives a cute black cat for her birthday. After that she starts hearing and seeing strange things. One night she thinks there is a spooky creature trying to climb into her window. And just a few instances later she finds her parents murdered brutally right in their family home. She doesn’t remember how she escaped and where she passed out. Some by passers found her like that and brought her to the hospital where she’s been put on pills and injections. However, the doctors are still struggling to figure out what’s wrong with her and all the medications they’ve prescribed don’t seem to have any positive effects. That makes Fran leery of the doctors and searches for answers herself. For that, she needs to explore the hospital, find clues to either support or deny her suspicions. And if she finds out all this is part of some evil plan, she needs to make it out, fast! Plunge into the grim adventures of Fran and help her to discover what happened to her!

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