Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Game information

The story of your neighbor is tragic and you will learn more about it in a prequel of the well-known series Hello Neighbor. This part is called Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek and it allows you to discover the story behind your neighbor’s madness. Indeed, strange people, who have something to hide, usually have some painful experience in their lives. As you will find out from the game, Mr. Peterson and his children are living a life of a regular family. However, it seems that Mrs. Peterson has recently died and the circumstances of this sad event are not clear. The background story will reveal some of the neighbor’s secrets while you will play for one of his children. Your main activity in the game will be connected with childish games and puzzles. All of them are really nice and cute, but you will also find out more about the dramatic events behind this family. There are numerous interesting points of the story waiting for you in the Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek game.

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