It: Chapter Two



Game information

One of the most famous and resonant films of the last year surely is It. This is a movie made on the basis of the well-known novel of Stephen King. The story tells about a creepy clown, who looks like a monster with large sharp teeth, horrible smile, evil eyes, and long nails. The scary clown is a win-win horror characters – there are so many kids that are afraid of the clowns, no matter how silly and funny they might look like. Who knows, why this image is a source of horror for so many of us. Maybe, that’s because of the make-up and all those absurd strange things clowns usually do, so we cannot predict them anyhow? It’s not clear, but the plot is surely winning at all sides.

The classical stories become plots of video games that surely brings them incredible success. First, the stories written by professional writers like King are always great – they are well-thought and working. Second, we already know the characters. Now you are welcome to check the second part of the It game and play it online right on this site. You will become the main character of the story – a young boy, who actually meets the killing nightmarish clown. Try playing it online and not get too scared! The game is relatively simple because the plot is pre-written and you will have to follow it. Your main aim is to avoid the clown because he actually is here for a new victim and you don’t want to appear in his paws. This will surely end badly.

As you may know, when something (whether a film or a game) is made on the basis of the book, so many people usually say: “the book is better” or “this is not what happened in the book”. However, this title is special. Just to let you know – the author himself, Stephen King, has approved it as a good one. Well, now when you know this, you will surely have fun playing the game. Fun and horror, which is a perfect combination for a video game. Do you agree? Then start playing now – do your best to complete the presented missions and don’t get killed by a monstrous clown. Good luck!

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