Clown Nights



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Fans of FNAF, rejoice! There is a new animatronic villain in town and he’s ready to creep your brains out in a new game called Clown Nights! Once again you are going to take the lousy job of a night guard, but this time you’ll work at the local circus. And just like before, there is a terrible supernatural creature hunting you – an evil clown roaming the premises at night and disappearing at the first crack of dawn. Holding up until morning is not only a question of keeping your place, but also of staying alive!

The dark side of the circus

How can this slow hurt me, you’ll ask. It’s just an innocent toy! Well, look carefully. It’s been just a minute or two since you last saw him through the security camera. See? He’s changed his position! He is slowly moving across the room freezing on the spot when you look at him, pretending it’s just a coincidence, there is no threat. But if you don’t take measures, he’ll finally get to your booth and slay you! So how do you avoid this? How do you stop the dreadful clown from doing his bloody business?

Surviving through the night

The secret is to keep the lights on and check up on your enemy as often as possible. The clown can only make his move in the darkness and has to freeze when he is being watched. So your only chance is to keep an eye on the cameras scattered throughout the circus and turn on the lights in rooms and corridors the clown is near.

But there is a catch – limited power supply. Once the battery is drained, electricity will be cut off leaving all the doors open and sinking the entire building into darkness. You will basically remain with no means of protection. So you can’t just illuminate the whole circus to keep the clown off. Sparing usage of electricity is the key to retaining control of the situation. Decide which of the doors can be kept unlocked and which of the lights can be turned off at the moment without risking to let the clown out.

Forget your popcorn, get some valium!

The game will grow tougher and creepier every night. Get ready to jump up in your seat and wipe the sweat off your forehead much more frequently than you expect! You really need nerves of steel to keep your head cool despite the surge of panic that washes over you when you see the clown one more step closer to you! Watching horror movies is not the same as being part of them… And you are going to make sure of it after playing Clown Nights!

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