Pixel Zombies – Pixel Art Zombie Smasher



Game information

A great amount of different levels flooded by childish zombies is waiting for you! Don’t you think that these small fellows are less dangerous than adult zombies – they might be even worse! So have no mercy and kill them one by one until you are done with all of them. Every level throws player into several rough attacks of these filthy little monsters. As you proceed, they will move in strange directions, so you will have really challenging times to destroy them. They will start moving faster when gamer progresses, & there is more – their ways will change so you won’t be able to predict where will they appear at the next moment, so your task is going to be more and more complex. What is more, sometimes, you will see real people in the crowd, so be attentive and don’t hurt them! Accept the challenge and you will not regret it – the title is really nice to play!

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