Spongebob Just Some Horror

Game information

Sponge Bob is a well-known Nickelodeon cartoon beloved by billions of kids, teenagers, and even adults from all over the world. We know it as playful, bright, colorful and uplifting animated film. Maybe, this is one of those toons that can put you in a cheerful frame of mindno matter how sad you feel. But have you ever tried to imagine something opposite to the familiar Sponge Bob you know and love that much? Let’s say, a horror based on the story about Sponge Bob and his friends. Well, this may sound a bit weird, since it is really hard to believe that those funny and silly creatures can become the characters of a horror game. However, now you have a chance to reassure that game developers’ fantasy is unlimited and able to turn even the naivest cartoon to a creepy horror-story. This is an unofficial game release and the most mysterious and strange Sponge Bob title you have ever seen. The same places you know from the cartoon, including Bob’s house and the KrustyKrab are immersed into a gloomy and dark atmosphere. This is a pretty strange effect for a player who is already familiar with the world of Sponge Bob. Play this game on our website for free and enjoy a completely unique experience.

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