Suck Up!

Game information

Suck Up!: A Comical Vampiric Endeavor

Suck Up! offers a fresh take on vampire-themed gaming, blending humor and strategy in a setting that turns players into vampires with a twist. Developed by Proxima, this game stands out for its light-hearted approach to the nocturnal life of a vampire. Players adopt the role of an endearing vampire, using their charm, wit, and supernatural abilities to gain entry into the homes of quirky and diverse characters. The game is set in a town teeming with potential ‘donors’, where the player’s primary task is to secure invitations to feast on the much-needed blood supply.

Strategy and Humor: The Essence of Gameplay

In Suck Up!, the gameplay revolves around the cunning use of social skills to win over townsfolk. Unlike traditional vampire lore where force and fear are tools of the trade, here, the player must rely on social finesse to achieve their goals. The game unfolds in a series of encounters with the town’s inhabitants, each with their distinct personality and role in the game’s narrative. From melancholic millennials to humorous grandmothers, players must navigate these interactions with tact and charm. The game employs advanced AI, making each character a dynamic participant in the story, capable of reacting to the player’s choices and even recognizing changes in appearance and strategy. This interactive dynamic is further enriched by the game’s use of microphone integration, allowing players to literally lend their voice to the vampire protagonist, creating a uniquely engaging and personalized gaming experience.

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