Zombie Invasion



Game information

Zombies must die, the lucky survivors must be saved – this is the credo of this title. You will have to fight the undead until they are actually dead. The attack is heavy, so you will have to experience some difficulties with these hungry monsters. One by one, the floods of monsters will happen and every next one is going to be more serious than the previous ones. To kill one, you just have to click it for two times. From the beginning, you will have to deal with slow and pretty stupid creatures, who just move forward without any particular reason. They will become smarter later! Zombies will start seeing people, who were lucky to survive and not to get infected by the virus, so they will try to catch and eat them. Make sure that they won’t do that! The adventure will continue until you lose your life energy or get hurt by an undead. No plot, no sense – just killing zombies!

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