Boris and the Dark Survival



Game information

Behold, a beautiful old-school game about Bendy, the ink monster, continues! This time, you will play for one of the characters from this universe. He seems to be one of the characters of the comic book, where Bendy is a main antagonist. In the game everything happens the same way – you and Bendy are one on one in the dark studio and the task is pretty straightforward – you need to survive at all costs! While the previous titles about Bendy featured the elements of horror and were rather puzzles and stylish arcades than creepy games, this one will surely give you some chills. The room you appear in is dark, but the demon you are going to meet here is even darker…
If you have already played the Bendy game, you will surely recognize Boris the wolf. He is the main characters of this title and everything he wants is to escape from this creepy place. On his way, you will look for different useful items that will help him make his way to the finish. He needs food to replenish energy and other supplies to keep himself going. The best dinner for Boris is a can of hot tasty soup, so you will have to seek for them around the room. The demonic Bendy is always near and you’d better act quietly not to attract too much of his attention. You will hear his heart beating, realizing how close he is at the moment. He is always close! The map here is pretty random and it changes all the time, so you will feel yourself in the middle of a chaos. Very soon, the beating of an ink heart will become habitual, but stay alarmed – Bendy won’t let you go that easily and you should be attentive! The best thing about this game is that it pours light on the story behind the events of the main part. You will find out more about the studio as well as its owner and the characters he created. Try to get out alive and you will win the game!

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