Duck Season 2019

Game information

The Duck Season is open! And this one is a digital one, so no duck will get hurt. The game tells a story of a small boy, who plays console games. Judging from the environment of his room, the actions take place in 80s or 90s. He starts playing a hunting game, where one needs to take a plastic gun in his/her hand and aim at the TV screen, where there are ducks flying. Shoot them one by one, but be careful – the amount of bullets is not endless! You cannot waste them or you will lose the level.

The digital hunter has a companion – it’s a funny and cute dog, who makes fun of him every time the ducks fly away. You will like this silly character for sure, but at some point, an unexpected thing will happen. Something is wrong with the doggie – it seems like it is not so digital… and it comes out of the screen and appears right in your room! What a twist! The game developers change a calm shooting game into a real horror and you will be pleased by a surprise like that!

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