Horror Games 2019

The fans of scary titles have the clue: playing horrors is the best way to experience thrilling emotions and fear without real risks. Indeed, outliving a world catastrophe, fighting zombies or your own insanity is much more attractive when everything happens on the screen. Some will say that there are books and movies and games are not the only source of such impressions. However, just think about it. All the other mediums are great, too, but they never give you an actual sense that the main hero of the story is you, not an average Joe you observe.

Blame Him
Dead Cells
Jenny LeClue
Don’t Die, Minerva!
3rd Eye
Palmyra Orphanage
Dead by Daylight Mobile
Duck Season 2019
Layers of Fear 2
Days Gone Update
Escape The Ayuwoki
Once Upon a Coma
Dark Deception
Hello Neighbor Alpha 2
Happy Wheels 2019
Earn to Die 2019

The best thing about it is that comparing to films and texts, video games are interactive and therefore more realistic. This is something that you need when choosing such genre as horror, right? We all know that a really good and immersive title is no less blood-chilling than a real event. On this page, we have gathered numerous titles that feature the stories for all tastes, from survival horrors to intelligent psychological indie titles. Whether you prefer fighting with external or internal demons, we have a plenty of offers for you gathered on one site. Now there is no need to surf across the web looking for another entertaining title – you have all of them in the list.

Maybe you are an investigator and want to discover some dark secrets of people that surround you? Then there is no choice but trying Hello Neighbor, a title where you will get into the house of a maniac, who lives next door. Or maybe you are looking for some adrenaline? Then you surely have to play Granny or Baldi’s Basics, two horror titles that feature the most bizarre characters in the entire history. If you are a real devotee, then you must have a good taste for mysteries and mad tricks. If you do, we encourage you to try one of the most popular and exciting titles of all times – Five Nights at Freddie’s! Not only it will make your hair grey, but also the flight of strangeness and mysteriousness of the events that take place there won’t allow you to stay indifferent. Well, this is not all! In addition to these most frequently played and beloved titles, we have more! Just check this rubric out and we bet that you will get locked up for hours and days, and weeks, and months… and maybe years. 2019 is surely preparing so many newish titles for you and we will locate them right here once they are launched, so stay tuned and don’t miss anything! We bet that new parts of Baldi, Granny, FNAF and Hello Neighbor is something you want to play first!