Granny Chapter 3



Game information

When we hear the word ‘granny,’ most of us imagine a harmless old woman with her gray hair put tightly into a bun, sitting and knitting quietly somewhere in the corner or napping in the chair with her cat. And most grannies are really like this. But not the heroine of this game! She is a rather creepy old lady with a hobby that is weird, brutal and downright illegal. The granny living in this house is actually a serial killer! You would hardly imagine that looking at her wrinkled hands and thin, weak body. But don’t let your eyes fool you – she is full of zest. It won’t be too difficult for her to crack your head open with a heavy baseball bate that she is swishing like a real sports star. You can even see stains of blood on it left from the previous victims. Luckily, Granny likes to play and she won’t kill you immediately, so you still have a chance to survive and get out of this murky place!

Look for keys, open doors, get out!

The game will start with you waking up in a strange house. You don’t know where you are and even how you ended up here. The door of your bedroom is locked and there is a bizarre note on the table telling you something you don’t quite understand from the beginning. The point of these words and numbers will get to you later… Right now you need to figure out how to open the door. If you look around the room carefully, you will find various objects that can be used to pick the lock. There is a key lying here somewhere and you just need to be attentive enough to discover it. But be very careful, don’t drop any objects and generally don’t make too much noise! If you behave too loudly, the door will open and you’ll see your captor on the threshold!

If you see Granny – run for your life!

Granny is a rather terrifying character. He face is concealed behind a pale mask and she always appears unexpectedly. You can only guess that she has supernatural hearing and moves at a tremendous speed. Every time a floorboard of the old staircase squeaks or something falls to the floor, she comes rushing to the sound. Until you find a weapon that can be used to protect your life, you should run and hide! There are plenty of places where you can wait out another of Granny’s raids, but note that she is a very attentive woman and if you keep hiding in the same place over and over again, she will eventually find you there. So be cunning and alert, show ingenuity and agility. Don’t let Granny catch you more than five times or the game will be over for you!

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