Hospital 666



Game information

Hospital 666 emerges as a horror game that draws inspiration from a mixture of horror movies and iconic games like “Exit 8,” “The Quest,” and the “SCP Foundation.” It invites players into a daunting scenario where waking up in an endless hospital sets the stage for a desperate quest for escape. The only means of fleeing this nightmarish loop are the elevators located at the front or back of the hospital. The game instills a simple yet profound rule: if an anomaly or a strange occurrence is spotted, the immediate response should be to turn back. This mechanic not only heightens the sense of dread but also challenges players to remain vigilant at all times. What secrets lie on the 666th floor remains the ultimate enigma that players must strive to uncover.

Tactics, Anomalies, and Survival

Hospital 666 intricately weaves gameplay around choosing the correct elevator, exploring diverse rooms, and encountering an array of anomalies that defy the laws of nature. With over 100 floors, 85 unique anomalies, and 5 formidable bosses, the game offers a vast playground for horror enthusiasts. Players must navigate through this eerie hospital, dodging monsters that lurk around corners, each requiring a distinct strategy to evade. The game promotes intense moments of decision-making as players decide which elevator might offer a safer passage and which rooms to venture into. Offering solo play or cooperative experiences for 2-4 players via online connectivity, Hospital 666 provides a rich, collaborative environment for those looking to tackle its mysteries together. With gameplay time averaging 666 minutes, a variety of difficulty modes, and an auto-save feature at every floor, Hospital 666 is designed to engage players in a continuous struggle for survival and discovery.

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