Dome Keeper

Game information

Dome Keeper drops players into the role of a guardian of a solitary dome on a distant planet. Tasked with protecting this structure from relentless waves of alien invaders, players must balance their time between digging beneath the planet’s surface to gather resources and fending off attacks on their dome. The gameplay loops between intense combat phases, where strategic positioning and resource management are key, and exploration phases that demand careful planning and quick decision making to upgrade defenses and equipment.

Resource Management and Strategic Defense

The core of Dome Keeper hinges on the player’s ability to efficiently manage resources and upgrades. Each foray underground offers opportunities to enhance the dome’s defenses, weapons, and the player’s digging tools, but time is always of the essence. Strategic decisions about which upgrades to prioritize and when to return to the surface to defend the dome directly impact the player’s ability to survive longer against increasingly challenging enemies. This balance of risk and reward, coupled with the constant threat of invasion, creates a compelling gameplay experience that tests both strategic thinking and reactive skills.

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