NorthBury Grove

Game information

If you are found of old-school horror games with a stylized 70s and 80s design, you should try the NorthBury Grove survival game for sure. The developers of this title are real fans of classical scary films as well as strange music. And we have to admit that they do have a wonderful taste. In the presented game you play for a guy named Connor and he is trying to find his missing fellow Grace. You have to look for him in the dark woods at night. Well, everything would be fine but a maniac in a deer-skull mask is trying to catch and kill you. Be furtive while you walk through the forest with your pocket lamp as the only source of light in this gloomy place. The game’s appearance is amazing since it looks like a film recorded on a damaged video tape, which distorts the image and increases the level of scariness significantly. If you are serious about Halloween horror-games, you should try the NorthBury Grove for sure. You’re welcome to play it online of our website! It’s free.

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