Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread



Game information

Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread immerses players in an eerie narrative inspired by the chilling Teke Teke legend from Japanese folklore. In this concise horror experience developed by Med, players navigate the unnerving quiet of a late-night visit to a grocery store, only to encounter the supernatural. The game’s setting, a dimly lit urban landscape echoing with the potential threat of the Teke Teke’s presence, provides a backdrop for a tension-filled exploration.

Navigating the Shadows

The gameplay, encapsulated within a brief but intense duration, offers a dive into a fear-laden atmosphere accentuated by visuals that pay homage to the grainy, unsettling aesthetic of vintage horror. Players are tasked with collecting items crucial for survival, all the while dodging the grasp of the lurking entity. The challenge is heightened by environmental puzzles and the quest for one of two distinct endings, each choice leading to a drastically different conclusion.

Despite its short playtime, Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread captivates with its compelling blend of folklore-inspired horror and interactive decision-making. The game stands out for its ability to weave traditional horror elements with the lore of the Teke Teke, engaging players in a modern homage to classic scares.

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