That’s not my Neighbor Milkman

Game information

In the game “That’s Not My Neighbor,” Francis Mosses stands out as a peculiar character with his profession as a milkman in a setting far removed from the idyllic pastures often associated with such a job. Residing in apartment F03-02, Mosses lives a solitary life, with his daily routines shrouded in the mundane yet mysterious atmosphere of the game’s universe. His character is a blend of everyday normalcy and the game’s overarching theme of ambiguity and intrigue. The peculiar detail that he claims any blood on him as “Scarlet Milk” adds a layer of unsettling mystery to his character, inviting players to ponder the true nature of his work and his role in the narrative.

A Study in Contrast

Mosses’ appearance contributes significantly to his character’s intrigue and the game’s atmosphere. His physical characteristics, such as a long nose, thin chin, tired eyes, and short hair, are accentuated by his choice of attire: a white shirt and hat, complemented by a black bowtie, creating a stark contrast that makes him both a figure of curiosity and an emblematic representation of the game’s setting. This contrast is further highlighted by the game’s design choice, crediting Jeison Abarca for bringing Francis to life with a visual style that blends the ordinary with the peculiar. The ID number 235569418995, alongside his designated phone number 4122, adds layers of specificity to his existence, grounding his character in the game’s world while inviting players to unravel the mysteries that lie within.

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